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Sustain Business – IFC is an online magazine from the Sustainable Business Advisory Department at the IFC. We were hired to design the 2 issues for the magazine: Agribusiness and Extractive Industries. The web site allows the user to find the information in categories and subcategories, a contributors page, that is linked to each article publish for the author, and a way to subscribe to the magazine. The design is fully responsive and it is managed by the client.

CommDev – IFC

We were hired by the Climate Business Unit at the IFC to redesign and implement the new website. The old website was implemented in an outdated system that makes very complex to maintain. 1127d designed the website with a system easier to maintain, navigate, and search for information. We used a very clean layout in WordPress that allows the client to add more functionality depending on the needs. The design is completely responsive (mobile-friendly), and has a library, a very complex system to publish content, with a briefcase were the user can save documents for download, print, share or email.

Natural Capital – IDB


Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Department at the Inter-American Development Bank hired 1127gd to create a website based on a blog they used to share information about Sustainable Economic Growth and Development. They want to convert the blog into a full website, where they have opportunity to showcase different articles in a very organized way, with topics, partners and a way to subscribe to the website. This website is mobile-friendly and fully bilingual (English and Spanish), and the author is the one who administrate the website.

Asset Management Company – International Finance Corporation

Asset Management Company at the IFC hired 1127 Graphic Design to do the design of the website for the company. They want a really clean, simple website that presents the content in a easy and friendly way, so we came up with a design that accomplished all what the clients wants.

Sidwell Summer Camp 2013

Sidwell Friends School hired 1127 Graphic Design (for the second time) to do a completely new design of their 2013 Summer Camp web site. The task was to create a simple design where the content and images will tell what is the summer camp all about. The programs in the camp has a lot of content, and we try to minimize the scrolling using an accordion feature, that allows the user to see all the different aspects on the program. A website that is based on a 4 column layout, makes the content easy to navigate, and the images enforce the artistic, fun and enjoyable aspect of the summer camp.

Rio Grande

Rio Grande is one of the largest manufacturing and distribution company of Latinos products in USA and Canada. They saw the need to update its online presence by a more dynamic page, to speak to the two markets, and the U.S. Hispanic market in North America and also imagine it was when they hired to redesign their website. Based on the colors blue and consolidated its logo, imagine, take those tones to emphasize their branding, creating a page with all the elements needed to display each of the key aspects of the company: its history, a product catalog, recipes, a form for potential distributors, a range of possibilities, to show Rio Grande as one of the leading companies in the Latino market in the United States and Canada.

Selling HH Realtor

A Real Estate company serving Maryland and DC approached Imaginelo needing the creation of a logo and the design of a brand new website. The head of the company, Gustavo Hincapie, has a background in Green Building Design and Engineering, which is the edge he wants to give his real estate company. Imaginelo used that as the inspiration behind our design, displaying the logo and website with a green touch in order to showcase the business's focus on green homes and design.