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Natural Capital – IDB


Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Department at the Inter-American Development Bank hired 1127gd to create a website based on a blog they used to share information about Sustainable Economic Growth and Development. They want to convert the blog into a full website, where they have opportunity to showcase different articles in a very organized way, with topics, partners and a way to subscribe to the website. This website is mobile-friendly and fully bilingual (English and Spanish), and the author is the one who administrate the website.

Asset Management Company – International Finance Corporation

Asset Management Company at the IFC hired 1127 Graphic Design to do the design of the website for the company. They want a really clean, simple website that presents the content in a easy and friendly way, so we came up with a design that accomplished all what the clients wants.

Organization of American States


We were chosen by the Organization of American States, an organization which serves as a political, social and economic forum for its member states from all over the Americas, and were given the task of redesigning their logo. The creative process for us focused on the Identity Scale, in order to stay true to the professional tone of the organization’s services. We redesigned the logo, in both English and Spanish and detailed new specifications, colors, and typography to be adopted by the organization in its stationery and official documents.

Sidwell Summer Camp

One of the most prestigious educational institutions in the Washington Metropolitan area contacted 1127 Graphic Design to redesign its website. The task here was difficult since we had to focus on two different types of audiences, namely, the parents and the children. Our approach to the website was guided by these two posts. On the one hand, we structured a website that could store a good amount of information for the parents, while at the same time make it easy to browse and fun to view. We also designed the web page to showcase learning tools, games and other entertainment and educational activities knowing how color, photos and images appeal to children’s senses.

Prada Gallery Website

The website showcases and highlights the artwork of the gallery by using a grey and black toned-down background where the colors and abstract shapes in the paintings can act as the attention-getting material on an otherwise flat and lifeless computer screen. The focus of the website is the visual, so Imaginelo’s design was centered on clean, sharp lines and a modern display and arrangement of images.